Knits vs. Wovens for Diapers

April 29th, 2008 by Amy

“Which is better for the outer print of a diaper? Knits or wovens?” We get asked this question all the time and while there are differences between the two types of fabrics, in the end it really just boils down to personal preference. Each type of fabric has pros and cons, but both are wonderful options for diapers.


Knit fabrics are stretchy which is an ideal characteristic in a diaper fabric. It allows the diaper to fit a bit longer and gives the diaper a comfortable t-shirt feel. Unfortunately, knits will usually fade over time and have a tendency to develop holes and/or runs in the fabric. Woven fabrics are more durable and will hold up much better after continuous washing. They will look bright and new for a long time, but they lack the stretch that knits have which makes the diaper feel less flexible.

We love using both types of fabrics for our diapers. When we expanded our product line to include woven fabrics years ago, we understood that the fit of our diapers made with woven fabrics would be different since they lacked the stretch that knits have. To compensate for the loss of stretch, all of our woven print diapers and our AIOs are made with an adjusted pattern where length is added to the wings of the diaper. This alteration to the pattern makes up for the lack of stretch where it is needed most – around the waist.

Still undecided? Try one of each! There are good things about both types of fabrics and after using each type for a while you will figure out if you prefer one over the other.


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